Game: Amnesia the Dark Descent

Amnesia the Dark Descent3 days ago I finished Amnesia, the Dark Descent.

Played fully on Linux with Steam in native (no Windows Emulation)!

The previous review of Game of Thrones serves as an example how a bad graphics engine nearly ruins a game, this game is a very fine example, that you do not need AAA-graphics to create a unique gaming experience.

This game is immense. And does not have all the whistles and bells of a ultra-modern cost-intensive graphics to shine.

The tension is always at a very high level. This game really *is* scary. And in a good sense! This has nothing to do with splatter effects like in Dead Space. This here is the Art of Horror game genre and places itself among the #1 references along with Silent Hill II.

The game is about sneaking in the dark, been chased by unspeakable horrors, and w...

Game: Game of Thrones

Game_of_Thrones Finished Game of Thrones last Thursday. Even though the game has a decent story it bursts and get shattered on the shortcomings of the graphics engine. 

You play two characters: Mors, “the butcher”, Westford, a loyal warrior of the Night’s Watch and Alester Sedwick struggling to regain his heritage as Lord of Riverspring after been away for 15 years.

The story is really great and contains all the ingredients the famous Game of Thrones series features: honor, love, fights, betrayal, debauchery, violence, mystic and magic, deception, heroism, and cruelty. It’s all in there. This is a true Game of Thrones story.

Also if you watched the TV series you’ll recognize some characters: Cersei Lannister plays the plotting bitch and you simply can’t get behind Lord Varys motives and schemes...

Game: Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsFinished Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons last weekend.

Nice. It’s actually a platformer. You jump and run. You move your character around a very nice drawn world which *is* an eye catcher. This is really beautiful and a must see. Also you have one action button to click, whenever you feel your character might interact with something. That’s not a challenge, is it?

… but you control two characters: the brothers. Concurrently. In parallel. On one screen. Simultaneously. Both moving independently. And it is here you should get an idea about this game. Rather sooner than later you find yourself moving the character on the left with the controls on your right and the character on the right which you control with your left hand. Yey!

This makes your brain jump like driving backwards with a trailer...

Game: Kingdoms of Amalur – The Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur - The ReckoningFinished Kingdoms of Amalur – The Reckoning last weekend. Puhh … heavy.

This game has been created by “Big Huge Games” featuring the “Big Huge Engine”. And yes this game is BIG, it’s HUGE.

But it ain’t great.

Mhm, yes: from an RPG mechanics point of view you have a lot of cool features: tons of items, item comparision, crafting, skills, lots of quest, cool combat mechnanics, nice interface, neat graphics and and and … all subperb ingredients for a really stunning RPG game.

But. Then … see: you awake in the West only to get informed that yet a great evil Saruman Gadflow has risen in the East. He charges waves of Orcs Tuatah to the West in order to kill all of Middle Earth the Faelands. Your duty is to go to Mordor Alabastra and face him only to find yourself struggling with the even meaner...

Game: Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 34 days ago I finished Mass Effect 3.

A very cool astonishing game with a … fully dumb finale. Up to the very last 5 minutes the game is just – WOW! The cinematic is breath-taking. The unfolding of Shepard’s part in saving the galaxy is staged in way which leaves many other games way behind. If you didn’t play Mass Effect 3, you didn’t see any story telling in games. This is a fantastic journey into a vast in wonderful world.

The downside: there are some. Sadly this could have been one of these perfect games, like Bioshock. But, well … First: hide and duck is on keyboard SPACE. Jumping over some obstacles is on keyboard … SPACE. Therefore I found myself often running towards a barrier in order to protect from the heavy firing in front...

Game: The Dark Eye – Chains of Satinav

The Dark Eye - Chains of SatinavFinished The Dark Eye – Chains of Satinav about 2 months ago.

This is a decent game. I really like the setting and the story is quite good: you are about to save the world (again). You make a new acquaintance along the path: Nuri, a fairy, who wants to stay in the human world, but in order to save your world you have to take her to fairy land. So you start lying but can’t help to somehow start a romance with her: the dawning of a tragic love story. Some humor could be added though – the game is rather serious. On some occasions the story line hangs a bit and one misses the twists and turns in dramaturgy having a “Wow!”-effect or leave you crying. The game just goes on to be … well … nice and decent.

The riddles along the path of world’s salvage differ in complexity: some are easy-cheesy ot...

Game: Gray Matter

Gray MatterFinished Gray Matter yesterday.

Gray Matter is troublesome. Jane Jenson (Gabriel Knight series) created that game and it fails. It has a great nice idea and setting: in Oxford you play Samantha “Sam” Everett which accidentally comes to the Dread House, the home of Dr. Styles, a former neuro-biologist. Dr. David Styles suffers from the loss of his beloved wife which burned to death in a car accident some 3 years ago. Ever since he remained in his house mourning the death and hides himself, since during the failed rescue attempt his face suffered too and disfigured him. But with the arrival of Samantha, the ghost of Laura Styles seems to haunt the house, so Dr. Styles sets of some experiments to get in contact with her.

During the experiments strange things happen around Oxford and Samantha ...

Game: Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

Prince of Persia: The Two ThronesFinished Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones two weeks ago. 

Story: one gets not much of a story here. You land in Babylon with your love from the previous game Warrior Within, which I reviewed here. You see the city under attack and are separated. The rest of the game is the hunt for the great evil vizier which has turned into a supernatural evil being. You chase this evil across the city right into the tower of Babylon to final kill it. Yep, that was it.

As an interesting sidekick you gain a split personality, the dark prince, which is way more violent but permanently looses life energy. The reason for all this, the motives of the vizier – well sure: to rule the world, but how and why this magical stuff – as well the dark prince is some pseudo psychological and philosophical gibberish...

Game: Bioshock

BioshockFinished Bioshock already some weeks ago. This is a perfect game! A must-have. Oh my! This game is without glitches. This is a very fine example of how to create games as a memorial of today’s human culture and society. 

The game’s story starts of not much of a surprise. You are sort of stranded with little or no information and knowledge about what is going on. This is standard storytelling in most games. But what this game sets apart is the way it goes on now. It’s simply great! As you delve deeper and deeper into the city of Rapture you come close and closer to a corrupted society destroyed by the weakness of Objectivism of Ayn Rand.

The creator of Bioshock, Ken Levine, integrated a lot of ideas and his personal thoughts dealing with Objectvism into this game and lets the player – inter...

Game: Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2Finished Dragon Age 2 … and it is a disappointment. Well, it is a good game. But compared to Dragon Age: Origins, it’s, it’s, … ah … a mutation into something based on Dragon Age plus World of Warcraft and Windows 8 Icons. I felt bored and distracted. 

Story: the story is the strong part of the game. It is not uninteresting. And to describe it like this suits it well. It is not epic nor does it in any way fascinate. No. There are basically three substories (Deep Roads, Qunari and Mages against Templars) which are pretty loosely coupled. The link between them is pretty trying. In fact: there are three stories and none ever occupies ones attention. Plus: a lot of tiny sidequests, which in turn are pretty made up and do provide a share of twists and turns. Those are real nice...