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Game: Deponia

DeponiaFinished Deponia.

This is a fun adventure. You play Rufus who just want to get to Elysium and off Deponia, a planet full of dump and waste. The planet is thought to be uninhabited and ought to be destroyed by the Organon. But as it happens one of your tries to escape the planet had actually succeed in landing on an Organon cruiser. You and accidentally also the girl Goal from Elysium are dropped again on the planet’s surface. Your task is to a) save Goal, b) get Goal to Elysium to report that there is still life on Doponia and c) get yourself off the planet.

This can’t be hard, could it? Well it is. Since Rufus, your character, is a blighter, boaster, a loafer, which always exaggerated the opinion of himself...