Game: Skyrim

SkyrimFinished Skyrim. After 233 hours gametime.

Hard to say something about Skyrim which has not yet been told. It is an immense open world RPG, it is huge, it has tons of quests.

… which I have to say is overwhelming. I got as many sidequests as I could. So I did the whole Wererwolf-path, cured myself form Lycanthropy, switched over to the full Vampire-Line, became master vampire and cured myself again from vampirism, *before* I started the main quest or had decided for the Empire or the Stormcloaks. Yeah! There is a ton. To get lost. At a later stage I just followed question markers and finished it without any remembrance about what the original quest has been. Here I think less could be more. It is simply too much. You can also go into alchemy, crafting, and can read tons of books within the game, build some houses, marry, adopt children, be generous or go stealing, or both. It is all there in the game.

However, finishing the main story plot felt somehow unsatisfying. Cut scenes which bring the story forward are seldom and if the happen they are rendered within the game. Finally finishing the main story felt like finishing one of the myriads of sidequests. Somehow shallow.

The graphics and music is great! And I extended the game using mods. This made the game even look greater! … but also slightly unstable. One crash every half hour is common.

Besides these crashes, there are some minor quirks: why do I need to have a mod telling me if I had read a book already? Why do I have to have a mod which gives a real working interface? Why do some quests end up in the very same location I cleaned already? … why sometimes 2 quests at the same time (happened!)? Why are the default vanilla models so poor given the amazing artwork of some modders?

A masterpiece with some flaws.

9/10 9 out of 10