Games: The Book of Unwritten Tales

The Book of Unwritten TalesFinished “The Book of Unwritten Tales” on 15th March 2018 – again, a second time.

This is a real the nice adventure to play on the market. You switch between the characters of Wilbur (a naive gnome), Ivo (a sexy elven maid) and Nate (a scoundrel and moreover a philanderer). With these three you try to save the world from the wrath of the witch Mortroga. That’s pretty much all to the story to say.

Yet, the developers packed the way to save the world with a lot of gags and laughs which are not exaggerated or intrusive. Every now and then references to modern pop culture are made with a wink.

The riddles are rather easy to solve and the whole game is fluently solved. The ending, however, is rather sudden.

All in all a lovely adventure in a beautiful fairytale world and absolutely worthwhile a trip.

8 out of 10.8 out of 10