While waiting for my backup job of my working laptop to finish – the harddisk is very likely to crash soon – I read the recent Amnesty International Journal of September 2012, Austrian Edition. There is an essay about Pussy Riot by Elfriede Jelinek. Pussy Riot demonstrated in a Moscow church against de-facto dictator Putin with singing, dancing, shouting. They were arrested and some of these brave women have been sentenced to years of compulsory labor. What a shame for a modern state of the 21st century. It is so sad. Russia, you pity me.

Now Elfriede Jelinek wrote this sentence:

“Jeder Protest, der sich gegen die Gefährdung von Grundrechten richtet, ist Pflicht, nicht Recht.” (Jelinek, 2012)


“Any protest, aimed against the threat of fundamental rights is a duty, not a right.” (Jelinek, 2012)

WoW! Breathtaking! No further words necessary.