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Game: Life Is Strange – a second thought

During the weekend the game “Life Is Strange” still keeps bothering me. I cannot understand how such a game received such high ratings: Metascore of 83, average user rating of 8.6, “overwhelmingly positive” on Steam based on nearly 100k reviews and won some Game Awards.

I feel the urge to write down my thoughts to get rid of them.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

To the game’s defense, there are three items the game does best in a really excellent manner:

1. If your target group are white (female) US teenagers, then Max is the most identifiable person. There are all ingredients in there combined. Max personal situations, her personal thoughts, and ambitions, her situation in “school” (actually an Academy), etc...

Game: Life Is Strange

Life Is StrangeFinished Life is Strange yesterday. Peeww… This is a hard one and I had my fair share of troubles. Yet not in the manner most of the reviewers had. This is my personal experience and opinion, quite contrary to most reviews. But: YMMV – your mileage may vary.

Warning: this text contains spoilers.

You play Max Caufield, a would-be art photographer, attending the Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay at the age of 18. You return to this location at the US west coast (I recall, it’s Oregon) after spending 4 years abroad. You experience strange daydreams involving a tornado hitting Blackwell and eventually are the witness to the murder of your once best friend Chloe by a classmate of yours. It is this when you discover that you have the ability to rewind time and change the course of actions...