Game: Diablo III

Diablo IIIFinished Diablo III. Twice, once with the crusader and once with the necromancer. Diablo III is simply one big great b…tch of a hack-and-slay dungeon crawler.

The story itself circles again around the everlasting conflict between daemons and angels, humankind in the middle, nephalem and other mythical beings engaged in a maelstrom of battles. Finally, you’ll decide the faith of the world.

Along the path, you kill and loot, and kill and loot, and kill and loot, and kill and loot, … it’s a feast! New items keep dropping by the second, you wield fierce magic, summon the undead to fight for you or you hammer opponents to the ground with mighty weapons.

The setting is cool, and the details in the landscape and the setting is just f…king awesome! It’s incredible how many details the developers and designers have put into this game. Not only the presentation and graphics but also at nearly every element of the gameplay and design.

There’s however one thing which I withdraw a star: the need for a constant Internet connection to the servers. Also, if you have finished the game with a character, choosing another class is not a real experience. Yes, necromancer does play differently than crusader but essentially not very much.

Nevertheless, it is a milestone and with pure right the line to measure all other games of this genre.

9/10 9 out of 10

Game: Dishonored

DishonoredFinished Dishonored.

Nice game! You play Corvo Attano, the Lord Protector, whose agency is to protect the Empress and her daughter in a steampunk version of London called Dunwall. You are tricked, brought to the prison and should be executed as the scapegoat for the murder of the Empress. You manage to escape and then you go for a vengeance rampage.

This game is basically a stealth game with some mysterious magic powers given to you in a comic styled but somehow dystopian steampunk world. The story is well written, the world is nicely done, the graphics are done fine with an Unreal engine underneath.

All telling an interesting story very well done.

I finished the game twice:
* playing with Low Chaos, meaning killing no-one or at least very few. I failed the “Clean Hand” achievement by merely 4 kills.
* playing with High Chaos (at the highest difficulty). This was way easier than the Low Chaos walkthrough on normal difficulty, … but a massacre. I draw a gory, bloody line across Dunwall and was unstoppable.

8/10 8 out of 10