Game: Borderlands 2

Finished Borderlands 2 – Well sorta. Borderlands 2 basically Borderlands (which I reviewed here) plus with more weapons, bigger landscape, more characters, more vehicles, bigger …, more …, bigger … and it’s awesome great! Interestingly there’s no real new game change. It’s all the same. But it still remains a fantastic deal of fun. Yet,…(Continue Reading)

Games: The Witcher 3

Finished The Witcher 3 including both DLCs yesterday, 3rd Nov. 2018.   Oh my god! This game is perfect! It’s not that the landscape graphic is simply breathtaking. I deliberately walked around and refused to ride on Roach. Just to get the immersion in this detailed feature-rich world. It’s not that the developers packed detail after…(Continue Reading)

Game: Life Is Strange

Finished Life is Strange yesterday. Peeww… This is a hard one and I had my fair share of troubles. Yet not in the manner most of the reviewers had. This is my personal experience and opinion, quite contrary to most reviews. But: YMMV – your mileage may vary. Warning: this text contains spoilers. You play…(Continue Reading)