Game: The Dark Eye – Memoria

Warhammer Quest Finished Memora. This is a sequel to the Chains of Satinav.

Memoria tells two concurrent tales placed within the mythology and history of the world of The Dark Eye. As Geron you want to find a way to lift the spell from you faerie Nuri which has turned into a raven at the end of the last adventure. As such you encounter a gypsie which could help you out… if you help him out solving a riddle. Time is running short since Nuri seems to forget her origins and becomes more and more “raven” by time.

On the other side you play Sadja, a princess 450 years before. She is on the way to find a magic mask, of which is said it could decide the faith and outcoming of any battle.

As both plots overlap from time to time, you switch between Geron and Sadja. As Geron is reluctant and shy, Sadja is cheeky and defiant. Geron’s world is colorful and bright whereas Sadja’s world is dark with a looming total destruction by hordes of daemons due to mage wars.

The connection between both story lines is not obvious but develops from chapter to chapter. And soon you discover that Sadja is not the “princess” at all. At the end you face again, as in the Chains of Satinav, a bittersweet love story.

The riddles are fair, sometimes a bit trial and error. The environment is beautiful drawn and one can see that the developers really had a caring hand when crafting the scenery along with the dialogues and audio and lots of details and charm. The interface is beyond any doubt.

A nice adventure!

8/10 8 out of 10

Game: The Dark Eye – Chains of Satinav

The Dark Eye - Chains of SatinavFinished The Dark Eye – Chains of Satinav – second time (review here). I like the universe, the setting. Maybe because I’m German speaking and I’m touched and culturally biased to it.

This adventure is really a love story full of melancholy. An impossible love between a human and a fairy, relentless gods, revenge and journey to the different wonders of Aventuria, the continent of the Dark Eye.

The graphics are nice painted, the sound supports the overall mood of the game and the interface stays out of the way.

The riddles range from easy to quite tough (like in the fairy realm).

I love it.

8/10: 8 out of 10