Game: Elden Ring

Elden RingFinished Elden Ring – Played on Linux, flawless.

Elden Ring has all the ingedrients of the Dark Souls series: faszinating combats, loads of intriguing weapons, spells, and an awesome environment. Elden Ring shines additionally that it is now fully open world plus you can now spring and crough and sneak up behind enemies.

And a horse.

Which you’ll need since the land “in between” is enormous. Not only on the surface, but underneath is another continent to explore.

All this in the very line of Dark Souls gameplay.

Including a confusing story line of the Golden Order and the Erd Tree.

It is a perfekt Souls game.

With one minor drawback: it’s way too big. Much. Too. Big.

9 out of 10.9 out of 10