Game: The Walking Dead

The Walking DeadFinished the Walking Dead. This is a masterpiece.

You play Lee, a convicted murderer, on his way to prison. Suddenly the Zombiecalypse happens and you barely manage to get out of the wrecked police car after a zombie stumbled right into it on the motorway. Free again, you start to wander around and soon you find a little girl, Clementine, who is hiding in her treehouse in the parent’s garden. Without any clue where her Mom and Dad are, you promise her to take care and help her to find her parents.

This is the starting point of a “road movie”. You’ll met other which are in the very same situation you are in: no clue what is going on, has the government taken up some actions or not, why are some infested by some zombie disease and some not, … Some have taken the law in their own hands, lacking any nation wide control and power, some will help though their motives may be unclear and … “fishy”.

The graphics are comic-style and sort of nice to look but not superior. The controls are clumsy, you find yourself running straight into some obstacles from time to time. You may pick up some items every now and then also and can solve some riddles – which are a laugh. Finally you are also served with some quick-time events, which, well, can be annoying and distracting sometimes.

Why it’s a masterpiece then? Because of the story! Because of the characters! Because of the dialogs and the choices the game has you to offer! The whole game is more like an interactive movie with a lot of twists and turns, suspicious characters, love and very deep emotional moments. Some parts are creepy, some parts are terrifying and some parts are very touching. The game does not overwhelm you with graphics, explosions or a vast exotic universe. This game consumes you. It slowly captures your imagination and charms you. At end of each episode you simply MUST know, how it will develop and go on.

Bravo. This is a statement for the art of gaming. 10/10. 10 out of 10