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So … I’m Dyle. Weee-Hooo!

What/Who is Dyle?

It’s my tag, my nick, my synonym, my something on the web. Whenever you read “dyle” somewhere it’s been most likely me, saying something.

It happens more than 20 years ago. I was playing one of the first MMORPG in the german spoken world: Meridian 59. As always you have to give your character a name. As I had been playing a Star Wars game recently I tried to give my character the name Kyle, the main character in the Star Wars game. But this name was already used. “Ok”, I thought, “let’s pick another one … Kyle, Jyle, Hyle, Gyle, Fyle… Dyle!”. Look right at your keyboard between you and the monitor, to see where this sequence comes from. All the other permutations were of no use since they didn’t attract me. But Dyle did. It was not used by any other player in Meridian 59. Since then I always use this tag, synonym, whatever. I’m Dyle … in the Web.

However, I rather quickly lost interest in Meridian 59 and turned to other games …

Ever since the age of 10, I was hooked into the computer. I played video games and thought to myself: “How is this happening? Why can a computer do this? What is its inner working?”. Then I read Hermann Hesse “Das Glasperlenspiel” and found my answer. Since this novel revealed the idea of an overall compassing language. With this “game”, Hermann Hesse described something with which you can “play out” everything: math, biology, physics, but also arts, music and literature. For me, Software Engineering turned into the art of the Glasperlenspiel. And stayed till today.

And still today I play video games. For me, this is an art form. Though I’m not hooked into those massive multi-million dollar games. I’m a kid of the 80’ties and as such a enjoy a good story as computer game or vast creative imaginary worlds to experience and play with. You will never see me in a MOBA, but I will review and play story-driven games, fascinated by the creativity and possibilities good game designer and storyteller can conjure on my screen (and in my mind).

I’m always fascinated with what you can achieve in software. Good source code is like a mathematical poem. There **is** something like beauty in source code!

Though the opposite is also true, and more often than not, software I have to review is very badly written. This applies to close, proprietary source but is also very true for Open Source too. Just because it is Open Source, does not necessarily mean, it’s better by the mere fact, that anyone can read it.

I’m fond of having created software, which is still running and used after more than 15 years! And still evolving and requested throughout the world. This is because I love writing good high-quality code. Sure, when you look at what I’ve done in the past, you will find things which are not optimal. Simply because I was not born perfect. But I strive to be. I’m learning and this implies making mistakes. A lot!

Any day without a git commit is a lost one.

I code, therefore I am.


Every day I learn something new. Every day I improve. Every day I get better. Every day is a good day for merciless refactoring and make something which is already good getting better. Every day the act of improving gives me joy, confidence and happiness.

On the downside: for me, there is no “Done! It’s over. We can’t get any better than this!” for me. So the only real stopper for me is time, which I lack chronically (pun). I’m interested in almost 5 things at a time, but unfortunately, a single day only has so much hours.

My RL name is Oliver Maurhart, I’m born on 14th December 1971, in Linz, Austria. I’m Master of Computer Science and I’m currently working for the ARC seibersdorf research GmbH (company renamed) AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH in the Quantum Information Department. If you ever come across a paper listened “Maurhart” on top of it in the area of quantum information or quantum networking … yep, that’s me. Also: Google me with qkd.

I’m married since 8th march 1997 to Zala and fathered 4 kids: Jasa, Janos, Joshua and Juri.

For the more visual oriented:
Me, August 2013
[August 2013]

Where I live and where I work. It’s a beautiful place! I love it!
dyle71 @ gmail.com

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