So … I’m Dyle. Weee-Hooo!

What/Who is Dyle?

Uhm … err … it’s my tag, my nick, my synonym, my something on the web. Whenever you read “dyle” somewhere it’s been most likely me, which said something – most likely before I thought about it =)

It happens more than 10 years ago. I was playing one of the first MMORPG in the german spoken world: Meridian 59. As always you have to give your character a name. As I had been playing a Star Wars game recently I tried to give my character the name Kyle, the main character in the Star Wars game. But, shit happens, this name was already used. “Ok”, I thought, “let’s pick another one … Kyle, Jyle, Hyle, Gyle, Fyle …Dyle!”. Look right at your keyboard between you and the monitor, if you aint’t got a clue where this sequence comes from. All the other permutations were of no use, since they didn’t attracted me. But Dyle did. It was not used by any other player in Meridian 59. Since then I always use this tag, synonym, whatever. I’m Dyle … in the Web.

However, I rather quickly lost interest in Meridian 59 and turned to other games …

OK. Some CV stuff, for those who really need this:

My RL name is Oliver Maurhart, I’m born on 14th December 1971, in Linz, Austria. I’m Master of Computer Science and I’m currently working for the ARC seibersdorf research GmbH (company renamed) AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH in the Quantum Information Department. If you ever come across a paper listened “Maurhart” on top of it in the area of quantum information or quantum networking … yep, that’s me.

In the recent years I mainly worked in the field of Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Information Theory. I co-authored a book on this topic. However, I consider myself an engineer and not a scientist. Though I might be the most contributor to Q3P the Quantum-Point-to-Point Protocol.

Currently I try my PhD-Thesis on self organizing systems using evolutionary algorithms and artificial neuron networks (ANN). Let’s see …

I’m married since 8th march 1997 to Zala and fathered 4 kids: Jasa, Janos, Joshua and Juri.

For the more visual oriented:
Me, August 2013
[August 2013]

Where I live and where I work. It’s a beautiful place! I love it! (Though people are way wired here …)
dyle71 @ gmail.com

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