Game: The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us Finished The Wolf Among Us. This is my second Telltale game I’ve done.

In the Wolf Among Us, you play Bigby, the Big Bad Wolf (hence: “Big-B”) of Red Riding Hood. Living in New York. Today. Undetected by normal people as sheriff of the small community of exiled fairy tale A- and B-celebrities.

Yes, quite an extraordinary setting. And cool! Bigby is sullen loner, heavy smoker, tosses down a few drinks every now and then and is generally mistrusted by everyone. But Snowwhite which is ambitious trying to get the whole fairy tale thing secretly living in New York working. Somehow. But now a murder has happen and it’s you to investigate and find the murderer.

The game is a reminiscent of the private detective series, a lonesome grumpy hero in a dark, rainy New York. The saxophone is playing in the background…

The story is interesting. But not consuming like The Walking Dead has been. There are cliffhangers as well, yes, but they missed to touch me and hook me in. It’s a nice cool setting with a cool character. Part of the curiosity is to what has become of some fairy tale figures? What had happened to Red Hiding Hood? The Frog Prince? The three little Pigs? How are they doing now in a modern city? And yet there is still magic around!

However the story itself is embedded right into this fairy tale setting and therefore follows also a fairy tale logic. Mixed with blackmail, prostitution, exploitation and other dark forms of a modern civilization. And somehow this story seems to be the weakest part of the game. It just “ripples”. Some occasions feel unnecessary stretched (e.g. investigation at Toad’s, finding all the clues). Some scenes and characters are, well, just added to the game without any real impact (e.g. Bluebeard and his way of interrogation of a suspect).

Still a nice game, but doesn’t hold to The Walking Dead.

8/10 8 out of 10