Game: Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the FallenFinished Stopped Lords of the Fallen. I stopped playing Lords of the Fallen at the Lost Brothers boss (Boss #9).

Story: you play Harkyn, a once-been prisoner, who accompanies Kaslo to a Monastery to defeat the Rhogar: daemon like enemies of the evil God Adyr. In the monastery, the leader of the human resistance Antanas welcomes your help and you are the forefront to defend mankind.

The gameplay is a cheeky mimicry of the Dark Souls series.


  • The graphics are quite well and the monastery feels cool.


  • Boy, Harkyn is way too sluggish! Even naked he’s acting ponderous.
  • The weapons and armour start been interesting but soon turn to implausible 12-year-boyish fantasy items.
  • … same as for the story. It provides some “twists” … to artificial prolong the game.
  • The NPC and the dialogues are … uhm … again: 12-year-boyish fantasy (minus the sex). Harkyn seems to have very little IQ.
  • The camera movement is awkward. In narrow spaces, it sometimes goes crazy and unusable.
  • The focus system inspired by Dark Souls is there but somehow lacking, e.g. I still did not grasp how to switch opponents right.
  • The inventory menu system is unclear and confusing and the handling is suboptimal.

I could go on. Lords of the Fallen looks promising. But playing the game? Nah, not so. As I was backtracking again into the monastery the game lost the fun and turned to work.


4/10 4 out of 10