Bioshock under Linux/Wine: better than Windows! OMG!

Yesterday I found myself in the mood to play a game again. So I turned up my Windows 7 partition and tried to play Bioshock. But: there was no in-game sound. After the very first cut-scenes (the airplane crash) you float in the middle of burning water but mute. No sound, no beep.

So I googled around to fix that issue and discovered there is a ton of people suffering from the same problem. I followed several recommendations but nothing changed. There is even a YouTube video for the very dumb with several tips, but none (none!) enabled the sound. It took me about 1 hour along with several reboots and changing Windows 7 core components. Finally I gave up, frustrated. And I’m not alone with that. It seems that Bioshock under Windows 7 (or Vista) is a No-Go.

Today I tried the same game under Linux and within 5 minutes going for the mouse fix I had it up and running! With full sound enabled!


I can’t believe that applications made for Windows do not run under Windows but under a Windows Emulation on Linux. This is crazy. One should expect that applications should run better or at least with equal performance on both operating systems. But having Linux being superior to Windows on Windows own playground … is this yet another sign of dying M$ technology?

So, everyone wanting to play Bioshock but is suffering from the sound problem: get yourself a Linux installment! I guess any will do. Bioshock does run on your machine – but not under this operating system.

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  1. JustinTIme4Tea says:

    WINE = Wine In Not Emulator.. it’s not emulation that would be a virual machine. WINE actually translates the calls used in the DLL (Dynamic Linked Libraires) into calls for .so (shared library in linux). Part of the reason it runs so well I’m assuming is it was developed using libraries that are universal accross platforms like OpenGL and/or OpenAL. That and it’s actually running natively just with a translation shiv between Windows DLLs and Linux’s shared libraries. I’m not suprised games run better on Linux at all , linux is a beast! :) If you want even better performance try installing a more device tailerd distro like gentoo (everything compiled specifically for your hardware) or Arch (latest edge features/advancements all around amazing distro) Running an i5 2GBVideoRam notebook that just fliiiiees. Death to windows >:)

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